Credit Disputing – Learn What the FTC Recommends

If you are needing to undertake credit disputing, there are several important factors that your success hinges upon. The difficulty level you should expect also depends on several factors. The biggest factor, of course, is how bad your credit is. If it is really bad, there will be a fair amount of work to do. If it is only moderately bad, you can expect to sink less time into the self credit repair process. And the good news is that either way, you can see great results by doing your credit disputing on your own. And it can be done for free!

Credit disputing consists of simply writing credit dispute letters to the credit bureaus to dispute accounts that you think are reporting inaccurately. Inaccuracies are common on credit reports. Actually, there are estimates that seventy-five percent of credit reports have inaccuracies on them! The chances are good that yours has errors too, and it if does, your credit profile can improve significantly when you send out those credit repair letters.

It may be necessary to take some time to educate yourself on credit disputing and how to do it. There is good information all over the web. Plenty of forums exist in which where people give their own testimonials and advice and how they successfully or unsuccessfully disputed their credit report. This will help you learn.

Of course, you can do credit disputing through a credit repair company too, but do you know what the FTC has to say about credit repair companies? Visit the FTC’s website to see that their experience and research shows that the average consumer is capable of doing everything a credit repair company can do for them, and we can do it for ourselves for only the price of the postage.

To learn how to do your own credit disputing for free, you should visit You’ll find everything you need there online–and for free. They provide an amazing credit repair letter generating application that requires no download to use. It includes video and written instructions, and it is completely free to the public.